cancel culture

Conservatives appreciate contributions

One of the defining differences between conservatives and leftists is the appreciation of people’s contributions versus simply judging the people. In a conservative America, if a doctor discovered a definitive cure for cancer, and then was later found to have raped someone, people would acknowledge and employ the cure, but make sure that doctor faced the consequences for the rape. Conservatives innately understand that humans are flawed, capable of terrible things, or simply make mistakes. They’re more forgiving and able to compartmentalize when someone says or does something that contributes versus when someone says or does something inappropriate or…

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Static is part of the worldview

Much of The Bubbler Institute is the study of the relationship between personality types and political worldview. In past articles, we’ve covered how leftists tend to see things through a static lens, whereas conservatives see things as dynamic, fluid, and ever-changing. For example, if you raise prices, the leftist will simply calculate the same number of purchases multiplied by the new price. Conservatives will estimate that the number of purchases will go down as people change their behavior based on the new information. This is static vs dynamic. And it helps to explain why “cancel culture” fits so neatly…

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