Sore need of grace

As America slowly tugs itself into pieces and divides itself based on how evil we assume people with opposing views to be, there’s one thing sorely missing: grace. Because we don’t have enough division and angst in this country, there are always people out there actively scouring social media and other digital records looking for anything various people may have written or posted that would warrant cancelling them from culture. And I’m not just talking about people who are still alive. We are looking through historical records and judging all people, past and present, against the cultural “norms” of…

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Conservatives appreciate contributions

One of the defining differences between conservatives and leftists is the appreciation of people’s contributions versus simply judging the people. In a conservative America, if a doctor discovered a definitive cure for cancer, and then was later found to have raped someone, people would acknowledge and employ the cure, but make sure that doctor faced the consequences for the rape. Conservatives innately understand that humans are flawed, capable of terrible things, or simply make mistakes. They’re more forgiving and able to compartmentalize when someone says or does something that contributes versus when someone says or does something inappropriate or…

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