In the State of Washington, most kids are attending school virtually.

Many think by doing this, we’re protecting our kids from a virus that is essentially dangerous to none of them.

This is what that protection looks like…

Kids get up, eat breakfast, head into their room, often back into their bed, where the shades are drawn, and they sit on the computer for the next six or seven hours.

They they sit in that same room and do homework, until they eat dinner. They, because they’re not supposed to be seeing each other, they hang out in their room until the next day, when they do it all over again.

Being kids, most are not aware enough to realize that getting up every hour or so to change classrooms, navigating crowded hallways, and going up or down a flight of stairs in between classes keeps their metabolism going and at least gives them some break in an otherwise sedentary day.

Not to mention, recess for the younger kids, and just walking around or leaving school to get lunch is even more necessary activity that breaks up their day, allows them to build relationships and make new friends, and breaks up monotony.

Instead, we’re trading all of this to help our kids establish bad habits that will result in obesity, isolation, more phone use, depression, and a path to diabetes.

I’ve spent the bulk of my kids lives working to keep them off video games, but it seems societally, we’re just begging them to start.

It’s amazing just how much we’re willing to sacrifice to make one man look bad.