When President Trump closed the country to China, and then other countries, as an early response to COVID, Joe Biden said that Trump was xenophobic. Then he criticized Trump’s general response and lack of seriousness regarding the disease.

Later, Biden would come to agree with the decision to close the nation’s borders to foreign nationals coming from China. Biden, along with the rest of the world, would go on to support countries restricting their borders as a way to contain the pandemic.

Now, in the midst of that very same pandemic, Joe Biden’s administration think it is a good idea to open the borders and grant amnesty to those illegals currently in our country. It is now ok for people to bring different strains of the virus to the United States.

I can’t help but think about yesterday’s post regarding when politics become religion.

(I know, I’m engaging in the very behavior I’ve been arguing against in pointing out the nonsensical and hypocritical nature of socialist thinking. But it’s so damn enticing when you’re burdened by logic…)