The premise of the statement, “Black Lives Matter,” which especially applies specifically to those who insist you “say it,” is that black lives don’t matter until whites give them affirmation and validation. Somehow, society has to acknowledge or bless the idea before it becomes true.

Whether they know it or not, the way the argument is currently set up, until whites bow down to the premise of the Black Lives Matter movement and give their blessing to the idea that “black lives matter,” black lives don’t matter.

It just seems like you’ve devalued the exact people you’re trying to empower.

I’m not even sure whites have the power or ability to determine which race gets acknowledged or put on a pedestal. It just doesn’t seem right that white people, or members of any race, get to determine which lives matter and which don’t, especially with regards to minorities. Do they also get to determine the rank order of who’s lives matter more than others?

If there is no wrong, then there is no right. On that same premise, by saying “black lives matter,” aren’t you suggesting that there are lives that don’t?