Over the course of United States history, millions of men and women have given their life to fight for the ideals of freedom and liberty we all, to varying degrees, take for granted.

They made the ultimate sacrifice. For what?

Here in the State of Washington, they made the ultimate sacrifice so we could sit home and fear getting together at organized Memorial Day commemorations because we may all get COVID and die even though the majority of states across the country have lifted mask restrictions and essentially gotten back to normal.

While we “follow the science” (which is liberal-speak for “ignore the science”) most states have gotten back to the things that are most important, like getting together, socializing, treating each other like people, and acknowledging those who gave their lives for us to live freely.

Our normal Memorial Day gathering at our local funeral home is, once again, cancelled. But we’re stopping and remembering on our own. I hope you’ve had a chance to stop and do the same today.