As blue cities around the country pull back on enforcing the law, they reveal their true racism.

The premise of defunding the police is that black people can’t stop themselves from breaking the law and that the real perpetrators are those who apprehend them and lock them up when they’re committing a crime.

More specifically, the premise is that black people will be black people and can’t help themselves from breaking the law. We can’t expect them to behave like civilized people and follow our laws, so it’s inherently racist to enforce the law because to do so necessarily means arresting more blacks.

Of course, treating blacks like equals would mean the opposite response. We should have the same expectations of all people, and we should enforce the law equally, as well. To lower our expectations for blacks is, as Rush Limbaugh put it, the soft bigotry of low expectations. We know you can’t help yourself because of your skin color, so you get a pass.

It doesn’t matter if a black man or a white man punches someone on the street and runs away. It doesn’t matter who steals from a shop. It doesn’t matter who’s doing drugs. When our police force sees or hears about these behaviors, they should arrive on the scene and make the appropriate arrests.

To give someone a pass based on their race is inherently racist. And racism is not going to be the solution to our problems.