We’re moving into a new office next year, and the invitation for ideas was sent out.

Predictably, there were calls for slides, video games, ping pong, a ball pit, and other adult play toys.

One should bristle at any attempt by an employer to offer any amenities that make you less likely to want, or need, to go home.

The Microsoft campus includes absolutely everything you’d need to live there, including dry cleaners, a post office, clothing stores, computer equipment (obviously), gyms, outdoor sports facilities, parking, etc.

The goal is pretty obviously to keep your employees on the grounds and working as much as possible.

But this is in contrast with what General Colin Powell said about getting your work done within eight hours every day. Or what Scott Adams had to say about sending employees home: the sooner you get them home, the less they will resent coming back the next day.

We don’t need toys and games. Even if fun the first time, the novelty will soon wear off, but the need to work productively never will.

Instead, perhaps they should consider offices and private spaces.

And most definitely, rid the workplace of any mechanical keyboards that can be heard two floors down when used by an aggressive developer.