The other day, I pulled up to a four way lighted intersection at 5:15am. There were no other cars visible.

When I arrived at the light it turned green so I could drive through. Because there wasn’t anyone standing there when it turned, the walk light didn’t change.

Just after the light turned, and I started driving through, a man walked up to the light with the intent of crossing with the green.

However, because he didn’t arrive in time to push the button to enable the walk light, he didn’t get the walk light. Instead of walking anyway, since the light had just turned green for him, he opted to stand and wait for the next cycle.

He was still standing there as I drove away. Still with no traffic.

My thoughts immediately went to wondering how this man voted. The evidence suggested he needs someone to tell him what to do. When it’s safe to cross. How to navigate an otherwise dangerous world.

He needed the government to set the rules so he could dutifully follow them.

Something told me, he needed Democrats.