death of common sense

Definition of common sense

Many have attempted to define “common sense,” so I figured… why not? Ideally, “common sense” would be something that was, well… common. That means most people have it. I’m not sure how much “common sense” is left in this country, so it may have morphed a bit into a nostalgic romantic ideal. A sort of way of thinking that seems to have passed us by. Some will tell you “common sense” is gone because we tend to over-think or over-engineer everything. We have too much time on our hands, and we make all sorts of assumptions that usually end…

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Abandoning common sense for the sake of rules

The other day, I pulled up to a four way lighted intersection at 5:15am. There were no other cars visible. When I arrived at the light it turned green so I could drive through. Because there wasn’t anyone standing there when it turned, the walk light didn’t change. Just after the light turned, and I started driving through, a man walked up to the light with the intent of crossing with the green. However, because he didn’t arrive in time to push the button to enable the walk light, he didn’t get the walk light. Instead of walking anyway,…

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