One of the threats (or promises) Democrats have been making for the last few years is that if they ever get control of the Senate again, they’re going to pack the Supreme Court by adding seats and the judges to fill them.

The Constitution doesn’t say much about the Supreme Court. Essentially, the Senate is able to determine the size of the court. If they want to add or take away seats, it would be fairly easy for them to do.

Given their behavior in the last year, in particular, it’s not hard to imagine that the Democrats would probably follow through on their talk about packing the court. It wouldn’t be unrealistic to see them create six more seats and add six liberal judges to build an unbeatable majority.

I think the Republican Party should follow through.

If I’m not mistaken, President Trump has a list of 45 some Supreme Court candidates from which he could make a selection. Hell, why not just put them all on the court. Take one away and have 53 Supreme Court judges.

Why not?

Those 48-5 decisions would never get boring. (Although, with the Republican record of selecting Supreme Court judges, they’d still lose most cases 27-26, even if they did select the most recent 44 judges.

Or course, if the Democrats ever won the Senate back, they could turn right around and add an extra 100 seats to the Supreme Court and fill them all. This would turn the majority back in their favor.

Come to think of it, just to be safe, the Republicans should just create 330,000,000 Supreme Court seats and make every one of us a Supreme Court judge.

Not only would this be a resume enhancer for all of us, but we’d finally be in control of our destiny. It would also effectively neuter a court that has been given way too much power through Senate inaction and give power back to the people.

Plus, you know how hard it is to take power away from people once they get a taste. I’d like to see the Democrats gain the Senate and try to demote 330,000,000 of us. We could just rule their entire party unconstitutional.

Of course, if that doesn’t work, we could always unpack the court. What would happen if the Republican Party cut the number of Supreme Court justices from nine to five? Then they would still have Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. Although, since Chief Justice Roberts often votes with anti-Constitutional judges, perhaps there’s even a better idea.

Maybe the Republican Senate should remake the court to just one justice. This would leave Justice Clarence Thomas (who’s life, by the way, matters).

I, for one, would feel very comfortable living in an America presided over by Clarence Thomas.

So, there you go. I think it’s settled. Let’s take this thing down to one justice.