Let me see if I understand this…

Those who advocate for gun control and the repeal of the 2nd Amendment are mostly liberal. Fair to say?

As such, whenever there is a mass shooting, gun control advocates tend to protest and blame the NRA and, by association, conservatives.

They often point out that conservatives love their guns and the 2nd Amendment.

Liberals rush to find evidence that proves the mass shooter is a conservative, which fits the gun-love narrative.

Everyone agrees that mass shooters are mentally ill, or certainly not stable.

Meanwhile, the more radical and unhinged liberals (a minority, to be sure), led by Rep. Maxine Waters, are advocating the public harassment and protest of people associated with President Trump because they don’t like or agree with his philosophies or approaches. And as the days go by, more and more of them are carrying out the orders. (See Scott Pruitt, Sarah Sanders, Kirstjen Nielsen, all Trump officials who’ve recently been harassed.)

To put this in context, liberals are usually the first to tell us we must celebrate diversity and tolerate, if not embrace, our differences, right?

Presumably, most of the people associated with Trump are conservatives, and many, if not most, own guns.

To recap, liberals, in general terms, believe gun owners are conservative, mentally ill, and prone to gun violence.

At the same time, liberals, who celebrate diversity and tolerate differences, are advocating protesting and harassing Trump officials/conservatives, in public places and when they’re enjoying their private time.

Following the logic, liberals are advocating harassing (peacefully) conservatives who are already doing stressful jobs, when they (the conservatives) are people who are likely gun owners and are, according to them, prone to gun violence. (Peacefully=getting in people’s faces, yelling at them, assembling a group of protestors, and creating a tense, scary, and potentially unsafe situation for conservatives.)

Have I got this right, so far?

I wonder, if this keeps up and/or intensifies, if this is going to end well?