It’s hard to quantify these things, but it would seem the “get out the vote” effort is greater this election than any other I’ve lived through.

Now, is it a fair assumption that most get out the vote efforts are driven by left-leaning activists?

And, is it also fair to say that their target audience are those who are otherwise not inclined to vote because they’re not following the election, they don’t really pay attention to the news, or they simply don’t care?

If there’s truth to the first two questions, then isn’t it fair to say that left-leaning voting activists need uninformed people who either don’t really understand government or know what’s going on?

Seems like a fair conclusion that liberal politicians and activists consider the uninformed as their base, doesn’t it?

This is one of the reasons I think voter registration and encouragement efforts should be illegal. Let those who are naturally inclined to vote turn out on election day and those who aren’t can stay home.

The problem isn’t voter turnout. The problem is lack of civics education leaving these people unaware and/or uninterested. Curing the disease is bringing back civics.

I’m not afraid to say people should be able to pass our own citizens test before they can vote. We require it of people trying to become citizens and vote, why not for those who live here but don’t understand what is going on?

Unless,  you want to rest on “we get what we deserve…”