Whenever anyone wants to demonize an industry they believe is making too much money, they simply refer to them as “Big…” This serves to create the impression that the industry in question, say “Big Oil,” is a huge, out-of-control, monopolistic conglomerate colluding to destroy all that stand in their way for the sole purpose of megaprofits for its CEOs.

Much the way a small, one-shop business is pure and beautiful until it gets successful enough to have 2,000 franchises world-wide, somehow the CEOs of these “Big” companies are talented and driven workers and managers until suddenly they’re put at the top of one of these companies. Then they’re transformed into megalomaniacal, unfeeling destroyers of society.

We have Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, to name a few. All are targets of liberal politicians who believe they’re simply profit-hungry industries without any consideration for the good they might be doing, the jobs they create, the cures and inventions they make possible and the fact that the CEOs of those businesses may be, just like liberals, human.

I’ve always wondered who picks which industries get the “Big” label. How come we don’t have Big Zipper? Do you have any idea how many billions of dollars the zipper maker YKK makes in a year? It’s staggering. But I guess they’re not making too much money, so they’re obviously not trying to profit off the backs of labor or anything.

What about Big Ketchup? John Kerry probably couldn’t have even funded his presidential bid without the help of Big Ketchup. And how about Big Signage? USA Traffic Signs supplies states with the majority of their street and directional signage. How much do they spend each year to keep competitors away from these lucrative contracts?

Conservatives don’t see industries as evil and therefore, have no need to group them into an ominous sounding name to demonize them. The one I do think conservatives may want to take on, though, is Big Science.

Global Warming Believers like to point to Big Oil as the funders of all anti-global warming legislation and public relations campaigns. They figure since the people who work at oil companies don’t breathe the same air as the rest of us or drink the same water, that they’re fine destroying the planet – so long as they make a profit.

But what about those who continue to write papers with the scariest new theory that some form of manmade climate change may be occurring?

Consider what these scientists do for a living. They theorize and hypothesize and then test those theories and hypothesis. And who funds them? The government and citizens with an interest in affirming climate change. And who likes to have greater reach and more control? Government.

How come liberal politicians have never grasped on to the idea that these scientists have an interest in suggesting that there might be global warming and that it might be manmade? If they weren’t finding in favor of climate change, the money that pays for their livelihoods would dry up. You can easily say that Big Science is behind the myth of manmade global warming and that they only care about their salaries (read: profits).