Many want Wal-Mart to go away because it’s destroying the Mom-and-Pop shops that give towns their character. I see the point. Having nothing but a large, boxy Wal-Mart as the main hub of a town does tend to erode the town’s personality and make it look like all other towns.

But aside from the aesthetic issue, Wal-Mart is doing something you’d think liberal politicians would be proud about. They make it possible for low-income families to afford many conveniences and goods they would otherwise not be able to purchase. For some families, they are making it possible to buy food they may otherwise not be able to afford.

They’re also creating jobs in places where there otherwise may be none. The jobs they create are positions that lesser-educated or younger workers can excel at and grow in.

Since liberals have historically been looking out for the “little guy,” you’d think they’d be very supportive of Wal-Mart. But Wal-Mart is a greedy, exploitative and soulless corporation, and therefore, it must be destroyed.