get out the vote

Make voter registration drives illegal

There’s been increasing attention paid to how we’ll all be voting in the 2020 election. Not surprisingly, I have a different perspective on voting than many. There are many things about it I just don’t understand. Why do we allow early voting? First, the more time that people have to vote, the more time there is for unsupervised voter fraud. When we were all voting on one day, there was only one day to commit whatever fraud one was intent on committing, and when we voted at the polls, they had to be on site to do it. But…

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I’m an idiot, and I vote

I was just on my way home from the dentist when I ended up waiting in line at a stop light. It was two lanes going each way, so there was a line of cars next to me as long as the line I was in. There were eight cars in each line. I was the eighth car in the left lane. Mine was also a turning lane, and it was difficult to tell which of the cars in front of me were going to be waiting to turn left. When the light changed, we didn’t move, which told…

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When your voting base is the uninformed

It’s hard to quantify these things, but it would seem the “get out the vote” effort is greater this election than any other I’ve lived through. Now, is it a fair assumption that most get out the vote efforts are driven by left-leaning activists? And, is it also fair to say that their target audience are those who are otherwise not inclined to vote because they’re not following the election, they don’t really pay attention to the news, or they simply don’t care? If there’s truth to the first two questions, then isn’t it fair to say that left-leaning…

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