People give U.S. President’s way too much credit. No one President can single-handedly fix or wreck the economy. They can’t individually solve a problem. They can rarely enact a policy all on their own.

They can share a plan or express a solution, but the United States government was designed to build multiple dependencies so that there has to be agreement or compromise to get anything done. This is supposed to prevent a dictatorship.

The greatest individual power a President has is to set the cultural tone. They have the power to direct and influence if people are paying attention and what they’re talking about. More importantly, they have the ability to shape the way people view, interpret, and react to events.

And this is why Obama will go down in history as one of the most destructive forces in American history. In fact, he may yet be viewed as the person who destroyed the country.

Prior to Obama, Democrats were always unhappy about something, as Democrats are. But they were still trying to win the argument. They were still trying to convince 51% of Americans to see problems and solutions their way.

Barack Obama changed all that.

Obama was the first time most people heard the phrase “community organizer,” which, along with his short stint as a U.S. Senator, was one of his signature qualifications.

In fact, Obama was really a “community agitator,” as Rush Limbaugh correctly observed. It was during Obama’s campaign when people really started to learn about Saul Alinsky, George Soros, Bill Ayers, and Cloward and Piven. These are some of the key architects of the strategy slowly tearing apart this country.

It was Obama’s strategy to encourage people to see themselves not as individuals with limitless potential, but instead as members of a persecuted and oppressed group of victims. Be it blacks, women, asians, transgenders, gays, or poor people, Obama led a national shift. People no longer saw the United States as a land of possibility. With his prompting, they started to see it as the land of victims.

Thanks to Obama, people truly did start organizing. They started grouping themselves according to how white men, or conservatives, were trying to keep them down. Obama’s administration was the first to stop trying to win the argument. He was trying to start and win a war.

It was Obama’s strategy to flood the United States with illegal immigrants with the intent of overwhelming the system. He was the first President to focus his energy not on inspiring others, but pitting them against one another.

While more recent Presidents like Bush and Clinton entertained some pop culture elements to reach younger voters, Obama was the first to abandon all presidential decorum to become a regular on late night talk shows, ESPN, and other pop culture outlets. Before him, no other President would have appeared on a show to share their NCAA March Madness bracket.

He didn’t seek to inspire and elevate. He did not work daily to get the best out of all of us. Instead, he lowered himself to our level. He met us in the gutter of pop culture.

Unlike other Presidents, Obama was angry, and it showed. He was angry. Michelle was angry. His entire administration was angry. Sure, he spoken in token soaring rhetoric from time to time. But more often than not, he was taking shots at the country, and talking about destroying his enemies.

Everything currently tearing apart this country has roots in the Obama administration. Cancel culture. The Wokerati. The riots. The protests. The lack of consequences. The influx of immigrants. The Democrat media. The disintegration of race relations (which you’d think his election would have helped improve).

People can debate how good or bad of a President Obama was, just as they can and do with every past President. But unlike other Presidents, Obama disrupted the culture. He disrupted our perceptions. He disrupted what people considered acceptable behavior.

Under Obama, civility was out the window. The fight was on, and it was for keeps. And as Republicans do, they never did, and still don’t, see it for what it is.

Obama was, and is, playing for keeps. It was his goal to “fundamentally change” this country, and Biden is finishing the job right now.

In 2021, there are no consequences. Major cities are waving criminality, and turning a blind eye toward lawlessness. Police dare not enforce the law. Criminals are emboldened to resist arrest or are released soon after they are caught.

We are run by mob rule. White people are told their racists. Black people are all helpless victims. More recently, asians are now being attacked everywhere, every day. Where 20 years ago, no one had heard the word “transgender,” we’re now encouraging it in our kids.

Barack Obama accomplished something no other country was able to do. He lit the fuse on the United States destroying itself from within, and we’re not even close to solving how to stop it.

If we don’t stop it soon, it’ll probably be too late. And within a decade, historians will be looking at Obama as one of history’s most influential and powerful leaders. Unfortunately, not for any of the right reasons.