Literally not a day went by after President Trump was sworn in, and millions of people were already protesting… something. The day after inauguration, the Women’s March was the largest single day protest in US history.

Since then, liberal groups like Antifa have been protesting, often violently, every chance they get. In an unprecedented move, newspaper editors around the country have banded together to all write anti-Trump articles about his statements regarding the mass media being an enemy of the state. You can’t swing a dead cat without hearing another talk show host or political commentator ripping very personally on him.

Have you ever stopped to consider what it would be like for you if you got a job, and on your first day, everyone you saw in the street on your way to and from work, everyone at your work, people at your gym, and diners at restaurants you visited all swore at you, made merciless, personal jokes about you, threatened violence against you, and nitpicked everything you said and did. Every. Single. Thing.

And that was on just day one.

Now consider that happening to you every single day, and your contract says you’ve got to do the job every day for four years. And you want to do the job. And you’re hellbent on doing exactly what you said you would do and what you thought was right.

Do you think you could proceed, every day, without ever getting frustrated at these people. And you hadn’t even started doing the job yet!

This is where we find ourselves. And regardless of whether you think Trump is doing a good job or is a reprehensible person, the fact is many have not given him a chance to do it before judging his performance.

All of the people protesting and ripping on Trump would have much more credibility if they had given him a chance first. (And there’s credibility to be had. But I think they very much overplayed their hand, and he will only get stronger support, as a result.)

This is not about whether anyone should or should not support Trump. But it’s hard to take the anti-Trump people seriously when they clearly never stopped to see what he does before being upset.