I would think Democrats would be extremely conflicted right now.

On one hand, as champions of the “little guy,” they’ve got to be wringing hands and gnashing teeth that our current lockdowns are ruining people’s livelihoods and leaving a wake of middle class, “little guy,” Americans without a job and seeking unemployment.

Then again, the “little guy” was always too stupid to take care of himself, anyway. So perhaps they are championing the little guy by keeping him unemployed and giving him $2,000 for the rest of his life. (Because as we know, when Democrats take care of the “little guy,” they really mean taking care of the “little guy.”)

On the other hand, if they save just one life, everything they do is worth it. (Sometimes, I suspect that if killing 10 people saved just one life, they’d see that as worth it, as well.)

It appears they’re opting for the saving of just one life, because it’s really only the blue state Democrat governors who are holding on to the lockdown for as long as possible.

Fortunately, we know that the extremely scientific Democrats are making their lockdown decisions based on data. They must be, because even when 99% of those with coronavirus survive, you’re still saving that “just one life.”

Or, perhaps it’s far simpler than any of the above.

Maybe you can just toss all that aside. Because denying Trump a second chance at growing our economy seems to trump both taking care of the “little guy,” and saving the “little guy.”

(Sorry about ending on that pun, but that’s really the word I wanted to use. (Not my fault that it’s also our President’s last name…))