Shortly after George Floyd died while under the knee of Derek Chauvin, rioters and looters took to smashing windows of Democrat-run cities across America.

Many thought this was a visceral reaction that would stop before long and would be replaced with a more rational national conversation about where we are on matters of policing and race.

However, I bet right. Nearly immediately after George Floyd died, I invested heavily in Big Window. I knew that while the nation continued to be mired in Democrat state lockdowns across America, and people were denied the right to hang out with friends, send kids to school to learn, or worship at a church, science had already told us that activities like destroying property and killing and injuring innocent people rendered one almost entirely immune from coronavirus.

Given that, the math was fairly easy. The only real solution to the problems that plague the United States is breaking all the store display windows we could in liberal cities. And obviously, those stores would have to replace those windows.

I’ve not seen the latest investor reports from Big Window, but I’m confident business is booming like never before.

Unfortunately, I was too late to get in on Big Pepper Spray and Big Shields.