Like the great platform switch of 1968, when the Republicans and Democrats negotiated a deal where the Republicans would now be the racists who stood in the way of black progress and the Democrats would suddenly be for equality and stop race-baiting, there’s been another shift in 2020.

You may have missed this, because it kind of happened behind the scenes, but in between the two party conventions, the Republicans and Democrats negotiated another party platform switch.

Whereas the Democrats used to claim to be the “party of the little guy,” who looked out for the best interests of the working class, and the Republicans were the party of the rich, who wanted to poison the air and the water for everyone else, there would now be a switch.

Now, the Republicans are the party that would represent the average American, and the Democrats would stand for the elite: those to whom the rules simply do not apply. The Democrats would now be the party of the rich and elite. The party of the sophisticated and intelligent.

This is why the Republican convention featured a wide swath of Americans from all over the social spectrum. There was diversity of race. There were legal immigrants. There were women. There were wealthy people. There were poorer people. There were gay people. There were those who suffered through real hardships, and those who just wanted to work hard and make an honest living.

Conversely, the Democrat convention featured hollywood actors and actresses, politicians who somehow, with their $150,000/year congressional jobs, were multi-millionaires. It featured a veritable who’s who of people to whom the laws don’t apply. There was certainly no shortage of wealthy politicians with recognizable names who’ve you’ve seen, saying the same things, for the last 20 or 30 years.

Of course, like the great switch on race, this switch in support of the little guy never happened, either.

Conservatives have always supported people, regardless of background, religion, gender, or color, and they’ve always supported American workers.

Where blue collar workers, blacks, women, gays, and other groups have always been divided and then victimized with support for Democrats their only way out, Republicans have always simply supported a system that allowed everyone to pursue their dream and be their best.

The Democrat Party has always been masterful at going on offense and defining the Republican Party. Conversely, the Republican Party has always had the worst marketing department in the world and has, in absence of any message (or even any guts), allowed themselves to be defined by their opposition.

But marketing aside, free market capitalism has always been the best path for anyone trying to make a living by doing something about which they’re passionate. It’s not a perfect system, and some people don’t achieve the success they seek, but it’s always given anyone who wanted to participate the best chance at success.

The Democrat’s approach of punishing the successful and trying to pick winners and losers has always reduced access and artificially influenced results.

While many in the Republican establishment (and certainly within the entirety of the Democrat Party) don’t like Donald Trump, you have to give him credit: it took President Trump to finally assemble a Republican convention that accurately portrayed the kind of people who consider themselves conservatives.

While unintentional, I hope this truly represents a party shift, when the public finally realizes who’s been supportive of the average working American all along.