Basic science and years of experience tells us that the more exposure we have to germs, bacteria, and viruses, the more immunity we build.

That’s why we let our kids play in sandboxes, pick up things off the floor and put them in their mouth, and play with other sick kids.

It’s the single greatest argument we have for kids returning to school. By staying at home, the entire nation is weakening their immune system. By not exposing ourselves to the latest viruses and illnesses, we are only hurting our ability to overcome them.

I think this may work similarly for President Trump.

For the last four years, the Democrat Party and media (which, admittedly, is a bit redundant) has been producing a new President Trump scandal every few days.

Without fail, there’s always a new former employee, family member, anonymous source, document, or some reporter who’s got some new story, repressed memory, or untold tale of some horrendous crime committed by Donald Trump.

Of course, absolutely none of them stick or end up being true, but that doesn’t stop them from happening. The Democrat Party has no shortage.

But I think a funny thing is happening to the Party of Science. President Trump is building an immunity to all the scandal claims.

The American people seem to be suffering from scandal fatigue. They’ve seen this so often that they appear to be building their own immunity to them. They’re tiring and tuning out.

It appears the Democrat Party may have over-played their hand. There’s a point at which if all your claims of scandal don’t produce any truth, that people turn sympathetic to the victim of the unproven claims. There’s a point at which it goes from warnings to sheer bullying.

I think the Democrat Party crossed this line months ago. People are immune to it. They no longer take it seriously. Even the people who don’t like Trump probably barely notice them, anymore.

President Trump is immune to it, too. In fact, they may be having the opposite effect. Trump may be gaining sympathetic support from those who find them not only unfounded, but distracting to the public and the President, himself.

The more exposure one has to something negative, the more one builds immunity to it until it is no longer really a factor.

Ironic that the Democrat Party is learning this lesson as well as it’s learning about just how difficult it is to die from COVID 19. (About a .0001% chance.)