I think Big Spray Paint is bankrolling Black Lives Matter (the communist organization, not the concept).

Look at what an absolute boon the Summer of 2020 has been for Big Spray Paint. They haven’t had this good a year since 1984 when Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo came out.

I’m not conspiracy theorist, but the way law enforcement is looking the other way while protesters vandalize everything with spray paint, and the way corporations are falling all over themselves to fund the protesters who, of course, need the money to buy more spray paint, I have to think Big Spray Paint is involved.

But they may have outsmarted themselves. Once they rake in all this dough in 2020, they’re going to be expected to hit those revenue numbers again in 2021.

Prediction: Look for Big Spray Paint leadership to take the money and run.