If the United States was the country Democrats and Black Lives Matters protesters think it is, they’d all be political prisoners by now. All would have been rounded up and conveniently disappeared.

Fortunately, freedom of speech is still a think in this country. They can say what they want, with protections.

Conversely, having seen the amount of video I’ve seen, I’m not sure that would be the case if the roles were flipped. If the communists running the Black Lives Matter organization won power and had their way, there would be no free speech. People protesting against them would be removed and may never come back.

There are plenty of past and present examples on earth. More than enough proof to drive this home to any budding young communist who doesn’t really understand what they’re supporting. Cuba. China. Russia. Venezuela. The list goes on. These are places with political prisoners.

But why are there so many people who don’t know this?

We find ourselves enduring the current mob madness because they don’t understand history. They were never taught how the United States came to be. The protesters were deprived of one of the greatest stories in the history of civilization.

The United States was the first country in the history of the world to make freedom it’s foundation. It was the first country to say rights and freedom come from God, a higher power, not the government or state. And because the right to freedom and pursuit of happiness comes from God, it cannot be taken away by man.

This idea, alone, is extremely powerful. It’s what makes this country exceptional. It’s why everyone has a voice, and why those voices usually lead to improvements.

This country is not perfect because people are not perfect. Our founding recognized that and built it in. We account for it. But thanks to our freedoms and liberties, we are able to have the national conversations (sometimes arguments) that almost always lead to a better nation.

We overcame slavery because of it. Women were finally allowed to vote because of it. Working conditions improved because of it.

And that last one, about working conditions? The reason why unions ever formed was for workers to defend themselves against corrupt bosses. But now, because workers’ voices have been heard, there are plenty of laws and enforcement in place to no longer need unions. Especially government unions, since it’s the government who created the laws.

So why do we have a teacher’s union? Teachers would be faring much better, and we’d have more control over promoting the good ones, paying the good ones more, and training or removing the bad ones, if there was no union.

More importantly, if there were no teacher’s union, our teacher’s wouldn’t have this unnatural tie to the Democrat Party (or any party). Individual teachers could hold their own beliefs and control to which party, if any, their money and donations go.

Instead, our kids suffer at the hands of a politicized teachers union who puts the indoctrination of our kids in front of education.

If we’ve learned anything from the past month, it’s that United States citizens do not know their history. They don’t understand their own country, and for all the privilege whites are supposed to have, they don’t even know the privilege and honor that comes from being the most free country in the history of the world.

It’s time to defund the teacher’s union and start giving that money to school choice or charter schools, where parents can decide which schools are good enough to earn the privilege of teaching our kids.