Yesterday, I mentioned that after it appeared all hope was lost, I found a source for the now-discontinued iPhone SE. But that’s not the only Apple miracle this month.

For the past few years, I was stupidly purchasing long-discontinued, classic iPods to store and play my music.

I have more than 40,000 songs in my iTunes, and I like to travel with the music files stored on whatever device I’m using so I’m not reliant on a wifi network to listen to the music.

Thinking the 160GB iPod was the last, best source, I was buying them on Amazon and taking my chances on the battery life. I was completely overspending and gambling, besides.

Then, as I was pursuing the iPhone SE, I happened to notice that Apple still sells the iPod Touch. Who knew? And not only that, but they sell 256GB versions, that hold a ton of music.

Even better still, aside from the huge hard drive, they also have a much better, and reliable, battery life and the sound it produces is much stronger and clearer than the old iPods.

These have been two of the most exciting days in a long time. Two of Apple’s best products, still available. Get ’em while you can.