If you’re me, and you understand that the iPhone SE was the best iPhone ever made because of the amazing form factor (or, if you just like to use the phrase “form factor” because it adds about 20 points to your IQ), you were understandably sad to hear that they’re no longer making or selling it.

I had made a mental note to keep up with every year’s new iPhone launch to make sure if it was going to be the end of the SE, that I would get a few back up phones to use it as long as it was supported by their iOS.

I’m not sure how I missed it, but last September was the announcement, and that was the last of the SE. They no longer make it. Apparently, a few more hit their clearance store in January, and I just had an Apple genius man tell me they sometimes appear in clearance.

I have one, and the battery is starting to run out fast. It’s crushing news. The reason the SE was so brilliant was because one, it was small enough to fit in your pocket and hand, and two, it was the only model with the silver metal rim around it so you could get a great grip on it.

After hearing the news, I started frantically searching the internet for one. Ebay is full of them, as is Amazon. But I can’t help but think they’re knockoffs. Everything I read suggests they’re really, simply gone.

But then I had an idea. I checked the AT&T website, and guess what? They still sell them!

Right now, you can get on AT&T’s site (and maybe their stores), and order an SE phone. I bought two, and I’m going to ride them out as long as I can.

Not sure what I’ll do after that, but right now, I think that’ll be when I give up having a mobile phone.

Until then, head to the AT&T store fast, while you still can.