not letting people pass

Losing control by trying to be in control – the driving edition

Have you ever tried to pass someone and had them speed up so you can’t? These people are sinister (and Socialist) because what they’re really seeking is control over you. (And others, presumably) Not content to simply drive the way they prefer, they’re also trying to make sure everyone else drives the way they want them to. And isn’t this really the source of most of our problems – not just on the road, but everywhere. If people would just do things the way they like, and get out of the way of others doing the same, all would…

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Even when you win, you lose

A few days ago, I was on a rural highway stuck behind a person going 50 in a 55mph zone. When the opportunity arose, I attempted to pass them. But like many on the road who want to control how everyone else drives, she decided to speed up to prevent me from passing. Since my being in the other lane was keeping her foot on the pedal, and there were no oncoming cars, it still worked out in my favor. All I wanted her to do was speed up and catch us up to the cars ahead of us….

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