This is where we are as a nation. With endless evidence sitting in front of our faces, way too many people don’t have the interpretive or critical thinking skills necessary to draw the correct, or any conclusions, from them.

Cities like Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, or San Francisco, are unlivable hellholes, and they’ve been run by Democrats for decades, yet we continue to vote them back in.

There are states in which students are back in school and playing out their sport seasons with no deaths, but other states seem to be unaware that demonstrably safe.

The Republican Party has been turning their backs on their conservative base for decades, yet we continue to vote them back in.

State like Florida have been open for months, with the 22nd highest mortality rate, with mostly lockdown states ranked higher, and yet we continue to advocate for mask mandates and lockdowns.

There are successful black people running companies, leading our culture, voted in to the highest offices in the land, attending our most well-known colleges, and living successfully among us, and white supremacy is running rampant in our country.

There have been five extinction level events in the history of the earth, obviously all of which precede humanity, yet people are causing climate change that is going to wipe us out if we don’t exercise our abilities to change course.

When we lower taxes, our economy grows, yet we continually think it’s a good idea to raise taxes on people.

Nearly every well-known billionaire, industry leader, and wealthy cultural icon on the planet supports the Democrat Party, giving them and their causes billions of dollars, in the last year alone, and we still think the Republican Party is the party for the rich.

Some states have had mask mandates for months, and many, like California, have some of the highest rates of infection.

BLM and Antifa spent that past year, with Democrat consent, destroying our cities and injuring, when not killing, innocent police officers, security personnel, and citizens, and Trump supporters are dangerous.

We can all see the numbers on rising alcohol and drug use, suicides, loneliness, depression, lost businesses, lost jobs, increasing stress and anxiety, and myriad other ways lockdowns and COVID measures are destroying society, and yet we advocate more of them to make sure we don’t die of coronavirus.

This list is seemingly endless, and for my own sanity, I won’t frustrate you, or myself, any further.

But how can we flourish as a society if we can’t learn obvious lessons from large scale events happening right in front of our face. I’m not sure if the problem lies more in our education system or in our national corporate media (though I suspect it’s both), but we have to fix this fast if we want to do anything more than limp along into our decline.

Then again, even if all of the above is true, I guess we’d rather keep voting for incompetent Democrats than empowering white supremacist Republicans?

So stupid…