Before I start, let’s get the definitions clear:

Democrat = political party with an agenda to tear down America and the Constitution and replace it with a socialist system that they dominate.

Socialist = A Democrat

Liberal = People in America who’ve been told for 30 years that conservatives are racists, bigots, homophobes, xenophobes, islamophobes, sexists, etc. and figure they’re none of those things, so they must be a liberal (even though they agree with 90% of conservative values without even knowing it).

What’s the difference…?

Conservative vs Democrat

Happy vs angry

Individual thinker vs group thinker

Tolerant vs intolerant

Optimist vs pessimist

Curious vs lazy

Peaceful vs violent

Law-abiding vs criminal

Productive vs destructive

Patriotic vs subversive

Good-humored vs bitter

Accountable vs blameless

Capitalist vs socialist

Positive vs negative

Uplifting vs demoralizing

Inspirational vs insipid

Pragmatic vs idealistic

Inclusive vs exclusive

Humble vs arrogant

Skeptical vs sheep

Thankful vs aggrieved

Sentimental vs cold

Thinking vs feeling

Rational vs hysterical

Logical vs inconsistent

Honest vs hypocritical

Discerning vs willfully ignorant

Well-meaning vs spiteful

Loving vs hateful

Forthcoming vs conniving

Altruistic vs jealous

Giving vs inconsiderate

Patient vs impatient

Courageous vs cowardly

Compassionate vs brutal

Thoughtful vs impolite

Well-mannered vs rude

Soft-spoken vs in your face

Law-abiding vs unruly

Fair vs prejudiced

Dynamic vs static

Republican vs fascist

Modest vs egotistical

Generous vs uncharitable

If you believe in the goodness of people, while still aware of their flaws, you’re probably a conservative. If you can’t trust people because they’re not as smart as you, you’re probably a Democrat.

We’re seeing right now, as we have in this remarkable year of 2020, exactly who conservatives are vs who Democrats are.

Conservatism is a great place to be. You can say what you think. Enjoy your life. Pursue happiness. And the best part, everyone is welcome. Everyone. Conservatives love prosperity and want to see it for all. Please, give it a try.

Based on those choices, on which side would you rather be?

(And if you want to find one article that sites one conservative who doesn’t fit this description, it’ll take me about 10 seconds to give you 30 examples of conservatives who do, and then another 30 examples of Democrats who fit that description.)