If I could get Americans to just do one thing, it would be to take nothing at face value.

Everything in our society has been reduced to a sound bite, and too few of our fellow citizens have any curiosity beyond it.

What a difference it would make if our citizenry would take the time after seeing a headline or watching the 30 seconds devoted to a story on the nightly news to explore the dynamics that led up to the story and consider what the motivations may have been by the people involved.

You can take it to the bank that there’s always more to a story than what you’re presented, and there’s always another side. This is especially important to consider when you have an entire media apparatus intent on keeping the truth from its audience.

Critical thinking comes from healthy skepticism and curiosity. It comes from asking tough questions and taking nothing for granted. You don’t need a university degree to be a critical thinker. Anyone can do it, and we can’t survive without it.

The corrupt and the elite who hope to gain the most are counting on Americans not taking the time to look up from their iPhones and explore the truth. They think we’re stupid.

It would be a shame if it turned out they’re right.