I can’t think of too many things more frustrating than being a conservative.

There’s no political party representing your views, and the one you think does may actually damage your cause more than the opposition as they cower in fear and do nothing to represent you.

Democrats, the media, popular sports figures, and popular cultural icons all carelessly call you a white supremacist and racist.

You rarely see any signs that the United States is headed in the right direction.

Everything you believe seems perfectly obvious, and yet is incoherent nonsense to far too many of your fellow citizens.

People continually react to you in disbelief and think you’re crazy as you warn them of the inevitably disastrous consequences of leftist policies.

Most other conservatives, like yourself, are reluctant to tell the truth of what you really believe around your friends because it’s just not worth the grief, which only serves to push your philosophical movement that much further underground.

There never seems to be any hope that anyone is going to do anything to apply conservatism.

The marketing department tasked with fighting for the philosophy, sharing it with others, and stalling the opposition just happens to be the worst marketing department in the history of marketing.

Like-minded people are content to complain about all the unfair media coverage without even trying to come up with a solution to fight it.

It’s rare you get to speak with someone who’s news sources expand beyond mainstream news, so you therefore have to have on hand all of your sources for the information you share with them.

You just want to be left alone, and the opposition wants to get in every aspect of your personal business.

It’s hard to find talented conservatives to send to Congress to fight on your behalf because real conservatives would rather be anywhere else on earth than in Congress.

While you appreciate a solid disagreement among friends, your leftist friends can’t stomach knowing you if you don’t agree with them.

Thanks to poor marketing, it’s exhausting to explain to people what you believe because it’s not as simple as a few sound bites, unlike any good leftist Twitter post.

You can only sit back and watch as generations of American children are taught in public schools to hate the country in which they were born.

Everything about Democrats is so obviously counterintuitive and counterproductive and yet most Americans don’t notice or think it’s all that serious.

Democrats apply socialism. It doesn’t work. They tell people it was capitalism. And then advocate socialism as a replacement system. And no one notices.

Nowhere near enough people truly follow current events or politics to make the difference we need.

Too many uninformed Americans are given access to vote, because the Democrats target and use the most uneducated as their core audience.