People often make the mistake of thinking or saying that Americans are stupid. Democrats have been particularly vocal about their disdain for Americans – especially middle America.

Americans are not stupid. That implies they’re not capable of information intake and analysis. It’s not even close to true.

Americans simply weren’t paying attention. People have their own lives. They have families, jobs, school, events, hobbies. Not everyone follows politics. Not everyone seeks out information. Not everyone even follows the news, other than what they hear from friends.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Here’s the good news. They’re paying attention now.

When Obama was elected, many conservatives tried to find the silver lining in the idea that he would show just how bad Democrats are for this country, and everyone would vote Republican. It didn’t happen.

People said the same thing about Clinton. But here’s the difference. We’ve had Democrat presidents after Republican ones. As much as everyone feared what they might do, they weren’t really that different. Americans were able to continue their slumber and tune out.

Not anymore.

We’ve never had a Democrat president after Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, President Trump was always an optimistic and fearless cheerleader for America’s potential. He loves this country. He stood up for people who were marginalized. He brought millions of people who’d never voted before to the political process.

Now we have a compare and contrast. People are paying attention, and they’re already noticing the stark differences between President Biden* and President Trump.

And they’re not happy.

Conservatives just need to capitalize and go on offense. We have to relentlessly tie the Democrats to who they are and what they do.

It’s going to be a long haul, and a lot is going to happen – much unpredictable. But I’m not giving up on this country. We will recover.