Perhaps, instead of Republicans (R) and Democrats (D), our party names should be the Optimists (O) and the Pessimists (P).

Republicans believe in the greatness of the individual, and consequently, the nation, while Democrats think people can’t possibly make it themselves and need the Democrat Party.

Republicans think people are inherently good and helpful. Democrats think people are bad and will stick it to you every chance they get.

Republicans believe our best days are ahead of us. Democrats think they never got here.

Republicans, understanding that people are inherently flawed, will constantly strive to improve and reach their potential. Democrats think some people are near perfect while others are horrible swine, and neither can change.

Republicans laugh, poke fun, and enjoy their lives. Democrats are consistently bitter, say mean things, and incite anger.

It sure seems to me it would be better branding to be the Optimists (O) and the Pessimists (P). But something tells me the elections wouldn’t be anywhere near as close.