According to Democrats, the impeachment of President Trump is all about protecting our democracy and elections from outside interference (from the Russians, in this case).

(Let’s not get distracted by the idea that Democrats found anything about America’s political system worth protecting.)

The contention is that the 2016 election suffered from Russian tampering that was done in collusion with candidate Trump. Nevermind that after $25 million and no evidence to support the contention, Democrats will continue to investigate Trump until he’s impeached.

The irony is that it is Democrats who are tampering, retroactively, with the 2016 election by spending the following four years trying to overturn it.

It’s almost as if they told the citizens of the United States, “We’ll let you have first crack at this election. Do your best. And don’t worry. If you screw it up, we can always revisit it and fix it for you.”

I’ll bet now they wish they had fixed the election prior to the voting.