In many of our largest cities, which happen to all be led by Democrat Mayors in states led by Democrat Governors, rioters and looters are actively destroying property, vandalizing wherever they go, and injuring or killing people along the way.

What I’m trying to figure out is what is the leadership thinking?

That’s not intended as a rhetorical question or an implied reaction. I’ve been trying for some time to try an figure out what these people are thinking. What is their angle? Why are they letting all of this go?

I’ve approached this question from every angle I can think of: optimistically, pessimistically, cynically, out of left field, pragmatically…

I just can’t figure it out. I can’t understand why any mayor would think that allowing this to go on in their city would be a good idea.

From a reelection standpoint, why would any mayor think allowing people to run around killing, injuring, and disrupting normal, every day, law-abiding citizens who pay the taxes and keep the city running would be a path to reelection?

From a human standpoint, who could possible sit by and let people lose their businesses and their livelihoods, not to mention sustaining physical harm. These are real people who’s only crime was wrong place, wrong time.

From an intelligence standpoint, it can’t be that they’re simply unaware of what is going on in their cities. Their police forces, and their leadership, have got to be reporting what is going on in the streets to the mayor, right? They have to be receiving briefs about what’s happening.

Maybe they don’t know their options? Are they scared of empowering their police force with the mandates and equipment necessary for them to put a stop to this?

President Trump gave them all an out by offering Federal assistance. He has said many times, all they have to do is ask. If Trump intervenes, and it all goes to hell, they can always point the finger at Trump. Why wouldn’t they take him up on it. Because if it stops the violence, Trump gets the credit? They can always say they were the ones who gave the order.

Politicians want to win elections, and humans like to do good things, right? Or is that where this all falls apart? Are they not good people? Are they getting some positive affirmation by letting this go on? Or do they not care?

I’ve been paying close attention to politics and political thought for more than 30 years, and I’ve never seen politicians act so irrationally without any clear visible motive.

Maybe one day, we’ll understand what they’re thinking. Hopefully, it will be when they make their last gasp argument for reelection… before they are defeated.