democrat branding

Democrats: Sinister or Stupid?

The GOP, and conservatives, in general, continue to prove they need a lot of marketing help. Here’s the most important solution, and it must be implemented now: Brand the Democrats with this simple choice: Sinister or Stupid? It’s a question everyone can identify with, and it’s universally always a good question to ask about anything a Democrat says or does. Gas and oil prices are skyrocketing. What would you do? Democrats would stop drilling for oil in our own country. Are they sinister or stupid? Racial tension is a real problem. What would you do? Democrats would teach and…

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Why conservatives can attract Democrat voters

Often in Bubbler posts, I talk about how easy it would be to attract Democrat voters. Here’s why… If you’re a conservative, and you understand that you are a conservative, then surely you know people – friends, relatives, coworkers – who live their lives as conservatives but think they’re Democrats. They believe in personal responsibility, accountability, treating everyone as equals, hard work, earning your way, contributing to society, free speech, common sense, and pragmatic solutions to problems. When they talk about issues, they sound conservative. But then you come to find out they vote for Democrats. There’s a very…

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The easily-predicted GOP crash

Easily the most frustrating thing about the last 35 years for me is that I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that if the Republican Party insists on having the worst marketing department in the history of marketing, it won’t be long until their brand, and the party, are destroyed. I’ve sat, at length, with Reince Priebus, Newt Gingrich, Jim Sensenbrenner, Todd Herman, Kirby Wilbur, and other prominent Republican leaders and offered my assistance. For various reasons, none of them took me seriously. None of them wanted the help. In conservatism, the Republican Party has been sitting on the…

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