The GOP, and conservatives, in general, continue to prove they need a lot of marketing help. Here’s the most important solution, and it must be implemented now:

Brand the Democrats with this simple choice: Sinister or Stupid?

It’s a question everyone can identify with, and it’s universally always a good question to ask about anything a Democrat says or does.

Gas and oil prices are skyrocketing. What would you do? Democrats would stop drilling for oil in our own country. Are they sinister or stupid?

Racial tension is a real problem. What would you do? Democrats would teach and reinforce the notion that whites are all racist. Are they sinister or stupid?

Drug and human trafficking at the border is slowly destroying our country. What would you do? Democrats would open the border and remove as much policing presence as they can.

Crime and murder are rising in major cities across the country? What would you do? Democrats would defund the police and limit their ability to do anything meaningful about it.

Inflation is rapidly rising, our economy is on the edge, and we’re in danger of the dollar losing reserve currency status. What would you do? Democrats would print more money and double down on spending your money on redistribution to unions and activists.

Homelessness, mental illness, and drugs are destroying cities. What would you do? Democrats would give them shopping carts, clean needles, free drugs, and make it nearly impossible to institutionalize them.

People want to drive their cars to get from place to place. What would you do? Democrats would reduce the number of lanes, lower the speed limit, and make it impossible to park.

No matter what the problem you’re trying to solve, Democrats will always pick a solution that exacerbates it or makes it worse. It truly leads any sane person to wonder: Are they sinister or stupid?

Meaning: Their “solution” is so obviously going to make it worse that you have to wonder if they have their own set of nefarious goals that can only be accomplished by making people poorer, angrier, more resentful, less free, more frustrated, or mentally ill. Or are they just so incompetent with such a poor understanding of human behavior and how people will change that behavior when presented with more obstacles that they really think these things will make people happier and work like a charm.

It’s effective because whatever the answer, it’s implied that they’re wrong. It’s baked in, and always true. You get people past wondering if it’s right or wrong and move them directly into wondering what is their motive for being so ridiculous and obviously wrong.

If Republicans and conservatives created a campaign out of “Democrats: Sinister or Stupid?” and continued to hammer it home everywhere, in every media channel, at every public appearance, every chance they got, it would resonate, catch fire, spread quickly, arm the converted, and win the uninitiated.

Come on, Republicans. I’m sick of always having to carry the water. Get this rolling and do something right for a change.