Today, Democrat House Representative from Hawaii posted this message on Twitter saying she was leaving the Democrat Party:

For those who’ve been watching and reading Tulsi Gabbard, the biggest surprise was that she ever considered herself a Democrat in the first place. Everything she’s been posting has been very reasonably straight out of the conservative philosophy. But for whatever reason, she thought she was a Democrat.

I have a thought on why that might be. As I wrote recently, there are many people who consider themselves Democrats who are actually fundamentally aligned with conservatism. I’ve long suspected Representative Gabbard to be among them.

But as I said, she’s been publicly moving in this direction for some time. But why now?

Whether intentional or by accident, this could be the Republican October Surprise that is truly, in fact, a surprise… to them. But with a little marketing judo, it could be a big surprise to the Democrats.

If I were running GOP marketing, I would be retweeting this from every single conservative-affiliated account I could muster. I’d be begging the conservative media to run and talk about this. And I’d be plastering this, in the form of an ad, everywhere I could on the internet, radio, and television.

It’s not an endorsement of Republicans or even the Republican Party. But, perhaps more importantly, it is a warning that the Democrat Party no longer stands for what it once did. It acknowledges the Democrat Party is only interested in dividing, if not tearing down, this country in an effort to be solely in power and in control.

She doesn’t say she’s joining the Republican Party. But she’s explicit in her walking away from Democrats, and right now, that is more important to the survival of this country than joining Republicans.

Hopefully, the more reasonable or casual Democrats, upon seeing this, will see the wisdom within and follow her direction.


Incidentally, it should be very troubling to conservatives and Republicans alike that she does a better job of explaining the Democrat Party in one minute than the GOP has in the past three decades…