Living in the US, we are understandably concerned mainly with our own history of slavery (when such things are discussed).

But I got to wondering, do other countries constantly debate or rehash their own histories of slavery?

Slavery is not unique to the United States. Not even close. A simple look at “slavery” in Wikipedia will give you a high level run down of slavery, over the years, and around the world.

We tend to look at slavery only through the lens of living in the United States, and how it has left a lasting set of challenges for blacks in this country. It often evolves into conversations of racism, reparations, the state of blacks in society, and a number of other conversations.

But what of other countries? Do they have constant dialogue about slavery? Are there subsets of culture in other countries that are underperforming versus the rest of society because of the setbacks of slavery? What do blacks in Africa think of their own role in our country’s slavery? Are there countries with a history of slavery who have simply moved on?

I know there are answers to all of these questions. And research reveals them.

But when’s the last time people living in the US thought of slavery from this perspective? When’s the last time you considered the institution of slavery around the world?