history of slavery

Paying reparations

Can you imagine if everyone who suffered an injustice were paid reparations? How would we determine whether or not it was an injustice? And if we all agree it was an injustice (I mean, injustice happens all the time, but it’s still interpreted very differently from person to person), was it severe enough to warrant reparations? What is the statute of limitations on reparations? I think we can all agree that slavery constitutes a grave injustice (that has been happening to people of all races and religions since the dawn of recorded human history). There’s slavery happening to this…

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We deserve an apology

I was reading up a bit about slavery. Turns out pretty much everything ethnic or demographic group one can think of was enslaved at one point or another throughout human history. Seems like someone owes all of us an apology. Of course, each of us has their own group who owes us an apology, and it’s not all the same group owing the same people an apology. It’s going to be a lot to sort out. But at least we all know to be really angry and unable to functionally contribute to society while we figure it all out….

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Worldwide slavery

Living in the US, we are understandably concerned mainly with our own history of slavery (when such things are discussed). But I got to wondering, do other countries constantly debate or rehash their own histories of slavery? Slavery is not unique to the United States. Not even close. A simple look at “slavery” in Wikipedia will give you a high level run down of slavery, over the years, and around the world. We tend to look at slavery only through the lens of living in the United States, and how it has left a lasting set of challenges for…

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