White supremacy is a critical component of our march toward communism.

Without white supremacy, the left would not have been able to dehumanize conservatives as effectively as they have. It was critical to dehumanize conservatives because it was the only way to sell abolishing the First Amendment.

Sure, on it’s face the idea that we should have freedom of speech sounds alright. But when you define half the country as so evil, immoral, and irredeemable as conservatives, we can’t afford to let them speak their vile ideas out loud, lest others start agreeing with them.

Conservatives are so racist, homophobic, sexist, and xenophobic that we can’t afford to let anyone hear their sick and twisted world view.

For conservatives around the country who’ve been looking around confused wondering where are all those white supremacists they’ve been hearing so much about, the answer is “it’s you.”

Democrat leadership couldn’t win on the merits of their arguments, so debating policies or philosophies was a nonstarter. This left dehumanizing conservatives and then destroying their reputations and tearing them down.

To do that, the offense had to be so horrible that it warranted not just voting them out, but removing them from society… “canceling” them.

And that’s why there are so many white supremacists about. That’s why we’re to believe that, this far down the road of race relations, the United States has taken six steps back. There’s not just racial tension. Just in the last few years, white supremacists are on the march, holding meetings at every town hall across the land. Lynching people left and right.

There’s only one problem: The people we are labeling “white supremacists” are all looking around wondering where they are because, like the everyone else, they’d be first in line to stop them.

With the “white supremacist” label firmly secured to conservatives, and Trump gaining momentum with conservatives, it made perfect sense to label his supporters as “white supremacists.” And with people this vile, they must be completely neutered and sent away.

Of course there’s not white supremacy in the United States. Yes, there’s still racial tension. There’s still stereotypes. But there’s not racial animosity. The only source of racial animosity is coming from those who’ve been told there’s racial animosity that must be stopped. It’s coming from people who’ve been told they’re hated, and they’re going on offense.

The only problem is the people they’re attacking aren’t their enemy.

Yes, I’m saying that one of our largest problems in this country is coming down to a guy in a bar walking up to another guy and saying, “hey, you see that guy sitting in the corner? He just called you an ‘asshole.’ What’re you gonna do about it?”

The guy who thinks he’s been called an “asshole” heads over to confront the guy sitting in the corner, while the guy who started it goes off and runs the country.

Sound familiar?