For the past year, we’ve watched vandals, rioters, looters, and “protestors” destroy cities across America – for more than 100 straight days in Portland and occupying land in Seattle.

We learned of Hunter Biden’s laptop full of drugs, prostitution, and selling out the country to the highest bidder, enriching the entire Biden family.

Eric Swalwell was compromised by a Chinese spy he was sleeping with, but he will retain his seat on the House Intelligence Committee.

For years Hillary Clinton, through her foundation, took money from foreign governments around the world in exchange for influence and favors. We also know she was involved in the Trump/Russia collusion hoax.

Barack Obama was involved in more scandals than any President in a long time, including orchestrating the Trump/Russia collusion hoax.

The media has blatantly ignored any stories that cast a positive light on any Republican achievements for decades, but never more egregious than the false reporting on Trump: including the Trump/Russia collusion hoax, the “bleach injection” hoax, the “fine people” hoax, not reporting on the Israel Middle East peace deals, and on and on. This blatant and intentional misleading of the public through information suppression and lying has cost the United States dearly.

Many states shut down their economies and locked down their citizens without any authority. In some cases, they went on to imprison people who violated stay-at-home, mask-wearing, and business shut-down orders, while at the same time, letting criminals out of prison due to COVID concerns.

People go to the homes of politicians or just random people and threaten them with large unruly crowds, vandalism, destruction, breaking and entering, and sometimes violence.

Protesters stand in the middle of highways and thoroughfares blocking traffic and keeping people from getting where they need to go, just because they feel aggrieved about something.

The list goes on and on, and the common denominator is there were no consequences for their actions. These events were happening daily, and rarely did anyone – police, National Guard, military, or even citizen militias – make any attempt to stop it.

In West Coast cities, there are tents, human feces, drug needles, debris, and aggressive homeless people everywhere you look, with no attempt made by the city governments to clean it up or solve it.

If citizens have learned anything over the past four years, it’s that there are no consequences for anything. You can literally run up to a senior citizen with a walker, smack them over the head with a board, and keep on walking, and no one will do anything.

About the only attention you might get are from the people who’s first thought was not to stop the activity, but to film it.

Conservatives, who pride themselves on their good behavior and peaceful protests, have been watching this, and frustrated by it, for a long time. And now they’ve just seen their election get stolen.

This is significant because while leftists protest, conservatives patiently wait for elections to solve their problems. (Kinda the way the country was designed.) But if you elections can now be stolen without consequences, you’ve taken away what many conservatives see as their only, or at least their last, option.

If conservatives truly believe they have exhausted all options, what do you think they’re going to do?

My suspicion is we’re going to find out in 2021, if we don’t get to the bottom of all the the election fraud evidence. But here’s a hint: if you gather enough people who are that frustrated and don’t believe they have any other way to be heard, it’s going to get ugly.

If that sounds familiar, that’s because that’s what all of the leftists mentioned above believe about themselves. The difference is that they don’t believe in the rule of law and never thought they would suffer consequences.

We were fortunate that “the other side” wasn’t engaging because they believe the lawless mayhem and destruction is not right. Those days may be behind us.

And that is how you get a true civil war. These are the consequences of people no longer feeling the consequences of their actions.