I wrote a post back in August that motivated a reader to tell me I have an “absence of empathy.”

One can read the posts on this site (and one should) to get a feel for the ideas expressed. In general, I challenge notions like everyone is racist, masks and lockdowns will save us, and everyone is a victim. Because of these points of view, especially as expressed in this post, I was told I have an absence of empathy.

That’s not surprising. Empathy in 2020 is being the first to say that “hate is not welcome here,” “all whites are racist,” or “black lives matter.” I reject those notions because it’s nothing more than virtue signaling. But worse, it’s also an opportunity for those people to say anyone who disagrees, or even just didn’t think to say it first, is inhuman.

In fact, conservatives are far more empathetic, because we selflessly care about all people.

It is out of empathy that I want lockdowns to end because they are damaging far, far more people than they are helping. Through the tunnel vision of COVID, not dying of coronavirus is a win. But when you consider the whole of society, all of the other issues it causes, from undiagnosed critical illnesses to suicide to depression to loneliness to alcohol and drug abuse, are far worse than the relatively few people who die from it.

It is out of empathy that I want to stop treating all black people like victims simply because they’re black. It’s the soft bigotry of low expectations that leftists have for blacks that is truly lacking any empathy. It seems like you’re caring when you’re feeling down about the plight of black people, but by treating them all like helpless victims, you’re just keeping them down. It’s far more productive and helpful to encourage blacks, and everyone, that there are always obstacles and one must persevere to overcome them.

It is out of empathy that I want to stop everyone from mentioning race in every single conversation about anything, because if you’re always bringing it up, it’s never going to go away. We’re either all equal or we’re not. If we are, then lets celebrate our similarities, not diversity. It’s our similarities that are going to save us. Our differences will only divide us.

I love and believe in people. All people. I don’t stop and think about the obstacles specific to all short women or all Jewish seniors or all black men, because there are no obstacles specific to all of anyone. No two people have the same experience. Everyone’s world view and perspective is unique to them.

Sure, we can all find similarities, but no two are the same. So I don’t think it’s appropriate to simplify people into groupings based solely on physical characteristics they don’t control. White men aren’t all the same. Women aren’t all the same. Filipinos aren’t all the same. Black people aren’t all the same. And it is, by definition, racist to think so.

Throughout his career, Joe Biden has littered his book of quotes with some of the most ignorant and racist comments made by any politician in the last 50 years. And that’s who we voted in to solve the problem of President Trump, the racist? Tell me, again, one racist thing he said in the past four years?

This post isn’t about Biden versus Trump. But Biden is the conclusion of the leftist through train on race. And, of course, he’s exactly what self-loathing liberals claim conservatives are.

This post is about conservative empathy. Conservatives are motivated by empathy because they’re always thinking in terms of what policies and ideas help the most people. Not the most white people. Not the most Trump supporters. Just the most people. Period.

Ironically, it is a lack of empathy that prevents leftists from seeing or understanding just how empathetic conservatives are.