Leftists have an unquenchable thirst for power. They always have. It’s the nature of their personality.

Leftists aren’t content to let people make the choices they think best for them. They’re not happy to leave things to chance. Leftists aren’t comfortable not knowing what people will do when left to their own devices.

To get the power they crave, they’ll aggressively go to any lengths necessary. They’ll demonize half the country. They’ll destroy people’s lives. They’ll pit friends, genders, races, and even family members against each other. Anything it takes to win power and take control of the country.

What stands in their way?

Unfortunately, conservatives are the only hope. Why “unfortunately?” Because conservatives have no interest in power, whatsoever.

Conservatives just want to be left alone. They’re fine with people doing whatever it is they want to do, so long as it doesn’t negatively affect others. Conservatives would like fewer rules and regulations so that people can police themselves.

In situations like these, aggressors usually have the advantage because they want something specific, and they’re going to do everything in their power to get it. When an aggressor is faced off against an opponent who is passive and doesn’t really feel up to the fight, there’s not much to stand in the way.

About the only chance America has is if conservatives wake up and realize they’re in a death struggle for the soul of the country, as founded. And even if they realize it, conservatives are astoundingly reserved in just how far they’re willing to go.

But leftists have proven they will literally kill to get what they want. Do conservatives have the stomach for standing toe-to-toe with groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter as they stand in traffic, attack people in the streets, burn down buildings, and ambush police?

I’ve no idea what the breaking point may be, or if we’ll even hit it. But I have to say… I’m still optimistic.