Everything the left touches becomes political, which means everything the left touches is divisive.

Wherever people are minding their own businesses and living their lives the way they know best, inevitably the left will move in and insist they make a choice.

Where people used to use a men’s or women’s restroom, the left had to make people choose whether or not they were for transgender people using one versus the other. Most people didn’t care. But now they had to make a choice.

Where people used to just get along with their neighbors, regardless of skin color, the left came along and made people decide whether or not they supported Black Lives Matter, making everyone commit to a choice and judging them based on that decision.

Where people used to just vote, in private, for whomever they thought best, the left came along and made people commit to one side or the other. If you wore the shirt or hat of someone they opposed, they were going to make you pay.

This is why the left is divisive. Every time the left inserts themselves, it leaves people having to make a public choice on something they may otherwise keep private (or have no opinion on at all). They make everyone commit to things they may not actually care about. And if those people choose incorrectly, your business may be boycotted, you may be fired, and your family harassed.

When you take leftists out of it and just give people the freedom and liberty to say what they think and do what they think best for themselves and their families, without having to make a public declaration out of everything they do, that’s when people are free to get along and respect each other.

Everything the left touches is divisive because everyone is made to draw a line in the sand and defend their territory. When conservatives come along, people are encouraged to do what’s best for themselves, so long as it doesn’t negatively affect others. They’re under no obligation to explain themselves to another, and they aren’t required to share opinions on things that are otherwise none of anyone else’s business.

Of course, conservatives will never tell you this because they are the worst marketers in the world.

But it’s true.