white supremacy

The perfect analogy

I recently wrote a post arguing that “white supremacy” is nothing more than a strategy to dehumanize conservatives to justify canceling them. At the end, I made an analogy that has received such a strong reaction, I decided to make it its own post… “I’m saying that one of our largest problems in this country is coming down to a guy in a bar walking up to another guy and saying, “hey, you see that guy sitting in the corner? He just called you an ‘asshole.’ What’re you gonna do about it?” The guy who thinks he’s been called…

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The importance of white supremacy

White supremacy is a critical component of our march toward communism. Without white supremacy, the left would not have been able to dehumanize conservatives as effectively as they have. It was critical to dehumanize conservatives because it was the only way to sell abolishing the First Amendment. Sure, on it’s face the idea that we should have freedom of speech sounds alright. But when you define half the country as so evil, immoral, and irredeemable as conservatives, we can’t afford to let them speak their vile ideas out loud, lest others start agreeing with them. Conservatives are so racist,…

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It’s the culture. Period.

OK. We’ve got two new shootings in the books, and, surprise, surprise, leftist politicians and activists are rushing to blame President Trump and conservatives. Conservatives, who are saddled with the worst marketing department in the history of marketing, are going in a different direction, targeting mental illness. But I think they’re both wrong. To me, the answer is obvious: it’s our declining culture. For the last 50 years (give or take), our culture has been devaluing life, making fun of our moral codes, running the Ten Commandments out of town, and inundating our kids with sex, violence, and anything…

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