gun control

At least Adam Schiff is a consistent fool

Adam Schiff, known for his deft handling of the constant pursuit of President Trump, is not just a one-trick pony. He’s quite formidable in other areas, as well. I just came across this tweet of his from Sept 3rd: Not surprisingly, he points out the flaw in his own plan, and then ignores it. What he basically pointed out is that the background checks worked, so the shooter had to go underground to get a gun. So more background checks would accomplish what? Drive these people further underground? The fact is that reducing the way for upstanding and responsible…

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It’s the culture. Period.

OK. We’ve got two new shootings in the books, and, surprise, surprise, leftist politicians and activists are rushing to blame President Trump and conservatives. Conservatives, who are saddled with the worst marketing department in the history of marketing, are going in a different direction, targeting mental illness. But I think they’re both wrong. To me, the answer is obvious: it’s our declining culture. For the last 50 years (give or take), our culture has been devaluing life, making fun of our moral codes, running the Ten Commandments out of town, and inundating our kids with sex, violence, and anything…

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Was there murder before guns?

Have you ever thought about how people used to kill each other before guns? Thinking about the people who are seeking gun control, there seems to be a uniting thought that murder (or at least mass murder) wouldn’t happen if there weren’t guns. Yet, people have been killing each other since there have been people. (Which really seems to legitimize the old saw, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”) But how did people do it before guns? Heck, how do they do it now without guns? Plowing into crowds of people with your vehicle seems to be the…

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