Adam Schiff, known for his deft handling of the constant pursuit of President Trump, is not just a one-trick pony. He’s quite formidable in other areas, as well.

I just came across this tweet of his from Sept 3rd:

Not surprisingly, he points out the flaw in his own plan, and then ignores it.

What he basically pointed out is that the background checks worked, so the shooter had to go underground to get a gun.

So more background checks would accomplish what? Drive these people further underground? The fact is that reducing the way for upstanding and responsible citizens to get a gun only means a higher percentage of gun percentage will be in the hands of criminals.

Guns exist, and like anything else, so long as it exists, people can get their hands on them.

Just as guns are a great enabler for those who mean to do harm, they’re also the best deterrent to those very same people. I’d prefer that the quantity of responsible gun owners far outnumbered the quantity of criminals with guns.