By telling an entire generation of American children that they’re either all racist or oppressed by racists, we are destroying their futures, right along with our own.

Most people understand that it is up to adults to teach children and help them make sense of the things life will teach them on its own. But few actively understand that children don’t know anything other than what they experience growing up.

Children have no frame of reference. Kids in the Middle East who are taught that America wants to destroy them and keeps them oppressed will undoubtedly grown up with an irrational hatred of America. And it will be many times more difficult to undo that because it’s all they ever knew. And then it was reinforced by so many around them.

This is why making everything about race is truly – and I don’t think I’m overstating this – destroying their futures, as well stunting the future of the United States. It’s one of the most evil and sinister things to ever happen to our country.

And it’s self imposed.

When you give children nothing but inspiration and opportunity, anything is possible. Their future could be nearly anything. Innovation and invention will thrive.

But more importantly, you’re also taking away any excuses. You’re removing any potential reasons for them to see themselves as victims, unable to pursue their dreams. When you have limitless potential, the only reason you don’t achieve is if you put all of your effort into making excuses.

Conversely, when we tell kids they can never overcome the insurmountable obstacle of an entire race trying to keep them down, you doom them forever. You take away their optimism and their dreams, and you leave them with bitterness and failure.

When you get them focused on all the nameless people who supposedly hate them and are working to destroy them, you distract them from all of the possibility in front of them.

When we allow our children to dream, we give them opportunity. When we teach them they are victims, we give them excuses.

This is why it is so critical to stop allowing race hustlers from owning the narrative and making victims of our children.

If we simply teach kids to be friendly and respectful to others, and we leave race and other meaningless physical distinctions out of it, all shall be well.