Barack Obama was one of the first politicians I can remember to conspicuously use the phrase “let me be clear.” He used it a lot, and as I started to notice, he used it specifically when he was about to lie to you.

Recently, I’ve noticed that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and a host of Democrats also use the phrase. And like Obama, they will most assuredly lie immediately after telling you they’re going to be clear.

It’s a tell.

Like playing poker, as soon as you hear a Democrat say “let me be clear,” you know they are bluffing. You know they are lying.

When people hear a Democrat say “let me be clear,” they should pay close attention, because they’re really telling you the opposite of what they’re intending.

Kinda like “follow the science,” means “we wish this to be true so hard that we’re going to call it ‘science.'” In other words, when they say they’re following the science, they’re specifically not following any available science.